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Spotted Box

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Welcome to    Spotted Box: where every gift tells a story & holds a memory.

Gift-giving is such an enjoyable experience, and even more so if your gift serves as a reminder of a fond memory.

I am a mom who, like many of us, has family abroad. Through a mixture of joy, sadness, and pride, I have learnt that we need to find a way to stay connected, even though we are far apart. It is essential to keep connections thriving and remain close despite not being around one another, but how?

Thus,  Spotted Box emerged while recharging the soul on a game drive (safari) in the bush.

Spotted Box strives to create a gifting experience that will capture the essence of family visits. Gifts that leave a strong feeling of togetherness and a nostalgic feeling of home long after the goodbyes are said. With a personal and sentimental gift, we want everyone to have tokens of memorable experiences. Create affection, intimacy, and feelings of love even when you are miles apart.

We are passionate about gifts that remind us of Ubuntu and South Africa. Presents to spoil our family, friends, and colleagues near and far.

If you have any questions or queries, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out via email at sales@spottedbox.co.za or WhatsApp 0832692326

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Spotted Box

Every Gift Tells a Story


Do you have a family member or friend visiting from overseas or you might be visiting them?

Spotted Box has something for everyone, and all our products are meant to be memorable. We love the thought that each gift will be a memory that stays with that person. 

If you can't picture what gift to get, Spotted Box has the answers! Purchase a unique reminder that will bring up fond memories of home, South Africa, and the splendid memories made. They can have a bit of home with them wherever they go. Having these nostalgic and comforting recollections are priceless. A warm fuzzy feeling in your heart is what we aim to provide for every person getting a gift!

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